New Music Poster Designs

A couple of new music poster designs for local band Subterranean. I regularly do poster designs for this band. The most time consuming part of doing a music poster is deciding what the design concept will be. Should it be an edgy, hipster type poster? Or should it be retro, with an old school funk feel? What kind of artwork should I use and how long with it take to prepare the artwork? These are all the things to do before even getting started. Fortunately, I work with the Sub-T guitarist Chris Coalt on the posters who usually gives me an idea of what he had in mind for the design concept. I then put together a design concept and send it to Chris. He usually has some really good ideas that I incorporate into the design. Those ideas usually spark a few ideas of my own and the second draft is usually pretty good. The rest is just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. 🙂